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Friday, March 17, 2017

Million dollars business opportunity

A great opportunity to build up a permanent business of million dollars by ClixSense & by a right planning!!!

Actually ClixSense is a 10 years old PTC site. Which is Called-
"Mother of PTC site"
"Queen of PTC site"

Why you will work in ClixSense?
♥Many sites are being made now-a-days, but being scammed  after few days activities, But ClixSense continues to give payment from 2007 & There is no scam records.
♥ClixSense has server of most powerful speed. It needs less time to  work is ClixSense than other PTC site(5 to 10 minutes)
♥You can build up a business of million dollars by upgrade planning of ClixSense.
♥If you want to build up a business of million dollars by team building in Internet, the ClixSense will be the best choice for you. Because you need an oldest & trusted site for work by making team.
♥The fee of upgrading premium membership of ClixSense is very low only $17.(There is no need of another investment)
By the following link you can join free of cost.
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Please give me message with your ClixSense user ID in my facebook or E-mail. I will make you known about the whole plan.
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The Most Trusted & Reliable Ravshare Site 2017

1. TheTrafficIncome
Best choice of small investors

♦Online Since: September 25, 2016
♦Adpack Price: 1$, 2$, 3$, 10$, 20$, 40$
♦Maturate Time : 30 Days
♦Membership fee: Free
♦Revenue Share: 120%
♦Daily Return: 4%
♦Referrer comm: 10%
♦Minimum Withdraw: 5$
♦Payment Accept: Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, SolidTrustPay
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2. TheAdsTeam
3levels Refferral Commission

♦Online Since: October, 2016
♦Adpack Price: 10$, 25$ 50$
♦Maturate Time : 44 Days
♦Membership fee: Free
♦Revenue Share: 120%
♦Daily Return: 2%
♦Free Cash link value - 0.001-0.005
♦Referrer comm: 13% (Level 1: 8%, Level 2: 2%, Level 3: 1%, Level 4: 1%, Level 5: 1%)
♦Minimum Withdraw: 5$
♦Payment Accept: Payza, Bitcoin, Solid Trust pay
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3. WWE (World Wide Earning)
Pre-launch revshare launching on 7th April 2017.

♦Earn up to 125% No repurchase rules
♦7%_1%_1% Referral commission
♦$1 add pack mature with 110%
♦$15 Add pack mature with 115%
♦30 Add pack Mature With 125%
♦2.5× Withdraw Limit
♦PM, Payeer, BTC, Adv Accept
♦Payza Is Under Prossesing.
♦For Plan 1 No Membership ♦Required And For Plan 2 Or Plan 3 Monthly 6.99$ Membership Required.
♦Minimum Withdraw 5$ And Maximum 200$ A Day.
♦5 Days Withdraw Limit In A Week.
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4. 10AdsPay
Good for small Investors

♦Online Since: April, 2016
♦Adpack Price: 2$, 25$, 50$
♦Maturate Time : 30 Days
♦Membership fee: Free
♦Revenue Share: upto 120%
♦Daily Return: 2%
♦Referrer comm: 10% (Level 1)
♦Minimum Withdraw: 5$
♦Payment Accept: Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay, 2Pay4You
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